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Improving Global (Child) Health

"Nurses for Peace" (NFP) empowers Nurses all over the world for better Global (Child) Health. Our international Registered Nurses, educators and managers volunteer worldwide. We share evidence-based nursing and best-nursing practices to be incorporated within the local context, onsite and online. We also provide this knowledge through our database for every nurse in the world to use.

One nurse, one team, one world.

What we do for Global (Child) Health

~ Provide methods and materials to help nurses work safely

~ We come to you: Peer to peer nursing (champion) program

~ Show a new healthcare horizon: Visits to role model facilities

~ Provide educational tools and nursing education

~ Provide help for community health programs

~ Provide a healthcare education database

Malawi "Warm heart of Africa"

Currently we work together with the Mercy James Centre for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care in Blantyre. This is a modern western style facility and one of a kind in Central Africa. We also work with the Queen Elizabeth Academic Central Hospital, Blantyre.

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