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All our projects are co-created with local nursing teams and set to improve patient care. We monitor project progression and empower nurses and nursing teams to self sustainability. Each project can stand by itself or be combined to reach the set goals. You can donate to one or more projects of your liking and we will keep you informed about our progression. Thank you!

Safe Nursing Project

Current: Malawi, warm heart of Africa

How to work safely as a nurse?

Every day nurses fight diseases around the world. To prevent them or other patients fall ill too, we help nurses to work in a safe manner.

"Nurses for Peace" provides knowledge, skills and tools, (protective) gear, medication, disposables and equipment.

Please help us to let nurses work safely.

We Come to You Project

Current: Malawi, warm heart of Africa

How to professionalize Nursing ?

International Registered Professional Nurses, -educators and managers can go to organisations in need of assistance.

Together we will assess the situation and come to a plan that will make the difference in quality of nursing care and execute it by local empowerment of (champion) nurses, -educators and management under joined supervision.

"Nurses for Peace" works with volunteers and they are in need of covering expenses for travel and housing.

Healthcare Horizon Project

Current: Malawi, warm heart of Africa

What can your future of healthcare look like?

Our participating role model facilities receive and teach nurses, educators and (future)leaders from organisations who require our assistance. We will show and discuss how new insights can be implemented in the requesting organisation. This way we can help them make a tremendous progress in their (future) organisation. All parties learn from each other.

Nurses for Peace provides visiting nurses means for travel, housing and social programs.

Healthcare Horizon

Nursing Database Project

Transfer knowledge world wide

Participating nurses and facilities provide educational powerpoints and educational tools etc. through our educational nursing database. To be used for all nurses worldwide.

Nurses for Peace provides a free access Nursing database and its maintenance .

Nursing Education Project

Current: Malawi, warm heart of Africa

Knowledge is power!

Nurses are in need of educational tools and participation in educational programs to make professional progression and teach their own peers. This is the only way to advance one nurse, one facility and one national healthcare system at the time.

Nurses for Peace provides pens, paper, computers, usb sticks, tablets, manikins and professional on-line and off-line education. Also means for Nurses to attend local and regional congresses .

Community Health Project

Current: Malawi, warm heart of Africa

In low income countries people have no money to bring their deceased loved-one home for bereavement and burial or cremation.

Parents, family and communities need bereavement in order to cope with their loss.

Nurses for Peace" provides for the transportation home for their deceased patients.

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