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“Nurses for Peace” is a non-profit organisation that works with international experienced European, American and African Registered Professional Nurses, Nurse Educators and Nurse Managers.

We share and spread professional nursing skills, knowledge and management for better local healthcare and thus creating healthier communities around the globe.

Our Vision

We believe that quality healthcare by nurses start with prevention of disease, illness, complications and death. Nurses take holistic care of patients to (relative) health within their social context and help them coping with disease or disability. If death is imminent a nurse will stand by their patient and family. This all can be learned through evidence-based, best-practice nursing and experience. It is in every nurses DNA to transfer their skills and knowledge.

"Nurses for Peace" goes further in transferring their knowledge and skills than their own community, facility or border. We share where ever quality improvement in healthcare is needed.

It all starts with one nurse, one team, one facility, one town to get better global health and more vibrant communities.

Help yourself approach

We improve Nursing knowledge, skills and management by providing local and online help. Promoting autonomy and self-sustainability.

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